Week One Research and Development

Pre-production is the planning stage before production begins. It is the time where creative ideas are developed properly and a plan or design is made to follow. This helps to ensure that the rest of the production goes smoothly with a goal to work towards, not a project which has to be determined during the process of production.

Often the pre-production will start with concepts for various elements such as characters and the general aesthetic of the animation. In a nutshell, pre-production essentially sets out the guidelines for the creative process.




Modelling is the next step in the pipeline of production and is the step when creation of the models used in the animation, the assets are created. This is the first step in which elements that are used in the final animations enter 3d.Translating sketches and ideas into 3d is what entails the modelling component of the pipeline.

There are two types of models that are made during the production phase, the hard surface models and organics models. The approach to each is very different and people will often specialise in one or the other to help the efficiency of the production pipeline.



The line between hard surface and organic modelling is blurred if one is to read many industry definitions however an easy way to see the two is manmade and organic life. It is useful to note that leeway in the preciseness of a model is created by a later stage in the pipeline, texturing. knowing this allows for better time allocation from one step to another.



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