Pirate Treasure Chest Progress 1

Our first creation in 3D will be an animation asset, a pirate themed treasure chest. We will be exercising creative control in the aesthetic style of the asset and modelling the asset in 3DsMax (AutoDesk Inc, 2016) .

I begin the research stage and start to think about design decisions. We may choose to follow an example of a pirate chest we find that exists in real life or sketch our own. We can also choose a mix of the two for our own desired effect.

I have chosen to start with a real life example, making small changes and tweaks as I model till I am satisfied.

After this design stage we began to construct the beginnings of our model from a simple primitive, a box, which we can then alter to fit the dimensions we need. The axis also comes into play from the beginning of any modelling and it is a concept which by itself was easy to understand. It is later when navigating the 3DsMax space and manipulating the model that the grid and axis was a little tricky to understand. It was explained in further detail however and became a bit easier to grasp.

The snap tool, as well as basic concepts such as using move and scale were also covered. At this point they are easy to understand within 3DsMax but it is still a little unnerving to see objects scale and move in an infinite virtual space with its high sensitivities and strange conventions.

There was also use of the snap tool which helps to connect and move objects, it has become obvious very quickly that this could not be done by eye and so the tool is important, I have confusion still on its application which I will try to resolve quickly.

Now in the modelling stage, I have started with a basic box and from there changed the dimensions to create the appropriate size. I am modelling only the base of the treasure chest at this point in time and will model the lid after the base is completed.

Before altering the basic box I have made I convert to editable poly which has been stressed by both my lecturer and in the tutorial videos. I have also learnt that while modelling I should aim to make models as contiguous (hollow) as possible.

At this point in time I feel I am partially comfortable with basic navigation such as w for move, e for rotate, and r for scale. We have been instructed to learn these short cuts early and they have already started to help.


figure 1. Treasure Chest Box. (2016)


Screenshot (45)
figure 2. Basic Box for model. Wyld, A. (2016)


Screenshot (47)
figure 3. Basic Box for model step two. Wyld, A. (2016)





figure 1. Toy Treasure Box. Retrieved April 7, 2016, from http://photo.foter.com/photos/pi/339/pirate-treasure-chest-toybox-bing-images.jpg

figure 2. Wyld, A. Basic Box for Model. Production Pipeline. (2016)

 figure 3. Wyld, A. Basic Box for Model step two. Production Pipeline. (2016)

AutoDesk Inc, A. (2016). 3d Modelling & rendering software. Retrieved April 7, 2016, from http://www.autodesk.com.au/products/3ds-max/overview








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