Pirate Treasure Chest Progress 5

This week I am finishing the very minute changes to my model and moving on to UV mapping (Autodesk Inc, 2016). During class we have covered the concepts of UV mapping and are moving on to various techniques to achieve the suitable UV mapping. We have been shown how the UV mapping should and shouldn’t appear on the model. Stretching is an indicator there is something wrong, unusual scaling and warping of parts of the texture are issues that occur often near the beginning of the UV mapping process when it is first applied to the model.

The first step is to use the unwrap UVW, which then appears in the modifier list. Open UV editor is now an option under the modify tab.

To prepare for the texture which will be used later in the production process a temporary texture is used. The shortcut key m, brings up the material editor. From here using the standard texture option I have connected a bitmap to the diffuse option under my standard material. When these are linked I can instruct 3Ds to show this chosen texture on my model in the view port. I have used a checker pattern, following the tutorial example (‘Axis navitas login’, n.d.), which is in Targa format. This Targa file I now understand acts as my bitmap in the material editor and is a suitable image file format for this purpose.

The UVW editor is essentially for editing where the flat shapes that comprise the model sit in the texture space. In class it has been covered that UVW is the renamed x, y and z axis labels for texture mapping. This is apparently to prevent confusion as there is already 3 dimensional axis within the program model space.

It is from the UVW editor that I have been using the explode and relax tool on individual elements to get rid of the strange warping. At first I did not understand way the break and relax tool as applications, however I now imagine the concept as breaking apart the edges of the faces that are joined and using the relax tool, pushing these edges away from each other.

I have used a checker pattern as used in the tutorials I am following. There is distinctive warping in patches and a lot of scaling problems. There are faces on the model that did not seem to have the checker pattern at all but I have realised that it is just extreme variances in the scaling.

Although I have been supplementing my class and tutorial viewing with other sources I have started to deviate away from using the tutorial videos more as I have been introduced to tools which may fix my warping problems more efficiently. I will begin to experiment with this as the method I am currently using has proven to be slightly inefficient.

Screenshot (39)
figure 1. Treasure chest model with UV warping. (Wyld, 2016).


Screenshot (40)
figure 2. Treasure chest model with uv warping close-up. (Wyld,2016)


figure 1. Treasure chest model with UV warping. (Wyld, 2016).

figure 2. Treasure chest model with uv warping close-up. (Wyld,2016)


Autodesk Inc, A. (2016). 3d Modelling & rendering software. Retrieved April 7, 2016, from http://www.autodesk.com.au/products/3ds-max/overview

Login. Retrieved April 7, 2016, from https://moodle-sae-au.axis.navitas.com/course/view.php?id=328&section=8



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