Asset Production Progress 1

After completion of our Pirate Treasure Chest project, our next undertaking is an introduction to asset production. Specifically our brief requires the design and production of a game asset, the object may be one from the list provided or we may seek approval for something else we wish to create. I have chosen to design a Sci-fi pistol.

During this first week i have gathered sources of inspiration and have started to think about the design of my object. i have looked at both real- life gun models as well as fictional designs as inspiration.

I’m currently leaning towards a comic stylised aesthetic for my Sci-fi pistol and have been influenced by weapon design from such Video Games as Destiny (Bungie, 2016) and Borderlands (2K Games, 2016).

I am keeping mind at this early stage in the Asset production my limitations in producing an asset production. With this in mind I will attempt to create something as close to the in game weapons I admire.




figure 1. Hand gun. (“Types of Handguns – Revolvers and Semi- Automatics”, 2016)




pistols borderlands1
figure 2. Range of Borderlands 2 Pistols. (2K Games, 2016)




borderlands gun3
figure 3. Borderlands pistol. (2k Games, 2016)




figure 4. Destiny Pistol. (Bungie, 2016)





Types of handguns – Revolvers and Semi-Automatics. (2016). Retrieved May 8, 2016, from

Software, G. (2016). Borderlands.Com – home page. Retrieved May 8, 2016, from

Previous, & }, default. (2016). Destiny | official site of destiny the game. Retrieved May 8, 2016, from





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