Asset Production Progress 2

This week we have covered various techniques which we can utilize in the production of our Video Game asset. It has become obvious that there are a multitude of ways to achieve desired results in both modelling and texturing of assets.  An example is the detail that can be created in the modelling stage of an asset, or can be added to a certain extent alternatively with bump mapping. In this case light can be used in a low poly model to add detail without modelling extra polygons.

I have also learnt that low and high poly models are useful for differing reasons and that it is best to try and create as much detail with as low poly count as possible. This is something I wish to get better at, as I still feel new to these concepts and how to to implement them into my work. As I understand it, low poly modelling is particularly important for efficiency within Video Games.

At this point I have finished the design of my Sci-fi Pistol and have set up my drawing as a reference image within 3DSMax (Auto Desk Inc, 2016), this allows me to have a guideline when modelling.

To set up my reference image I have used the short video supplied as part of our video resources. This involved creating a plane, then dragging the image onto the plane in 3DSMax. The next step is to use the UV modifier and select bitmap fit, after this it’s just a matter of resizing and positioning. It is important to note that the appropriate format to use is TARGA.

I have started to block out the components of the pistol design by ensuring that the view is set completely parallel to one direction within the view-port. I can either do this by selecting the view from the view-port drop-down list or by using the View-cube.

When the view is adjusted in such a way I can create a box and convert to editable poly. From here I can select the vertices of both sides of the box simultaneously and drag them to fit the shape needed in my design. From here I will continue to create the basic shapes of my design.



Screenshot (64)

figure 1. Sci-fi Pistol reference image. (Wyld, 2016). Asset Production.




Screenshot (66).png

figure 2. Modelling using reference. (Wyld, 2016). Asset Production.









figure 1. Sci-fi Pistol reference image. (Wyld, 2016). Asset Production.

figure 2. Modelling using reference. (Wyld, 2016). Asset Production.

Inc, A. (2016). 3d Modelling & rendering software. Retrieved April 7, 2016, from


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