Asset Production Progress 3

This week I have been finishing the basic form of my model and have started to flesh out the extra components which make up the design. The modelling has been closely following my reference image but i am now making tweaks to the design. A notable change is the alteration to make the pistol model a-symmetrical. This choice has been made with congruence of style in mind. The comic/graffiti  aesthetic I am aiming for will match the  difference of detail on both sides. I also wish to include a fictional model label on one side which I have decided would not benefit from being repeated symmetrically on the pistol texture.

The modelling I have been using to complete my model has stayed mostly the same throughout the process.

I have been inserting swift loops (Auto Desk Inc, 2016) and using the accompanying vertices to alter the shape of components, which has allowed me to create the shapes that comprise a pistol quite well. Since the last project i have also been using the snap tool often which i had not yet become familiar with. While it is useful there are times that i find it unpredictable. Mostly i have figured in those instances why it does not snap in a predictable way. Swapping to wireframe has also helped to identify vertices and edges to snap to.

The chamfer tool has been used along the way to create a more appropriate edge to the pistol. This is necessary for many objects when modelling as the sharpness of un-chamfered edges can look odd when compared to real life examples. This step alone has noticeably improved the look of the pistol.

While finishing the details of my model i have used the Boolean tool to create a shaft in the pistol barrel. Later I have discovered that this has caused strange problems with the front of the barrel. As instructed i have remodeled the barrel and inserted it in the place of the old one. I have learnt it is not necessary to use boolean and for the replacement barrel I have  used inset and extruded (extrusion is used to a minute amount, the move tool is then used to ensure the extrusion is the correct angle into the barrel).

From here, I can now move onto texturing.



Screenshot (68)
figure 1. Problem with Front of Barrel. (Wyld, 2016).




Screenshot (69)
figure 2. Replacement Barrel. (Wyld, 2016).




Screenshot (73)
figure 3. Finished Model. (Wyld,2016).





figure 1. Problem with Front of Barrel. (Wyld, 2016).

figure 2. Replacement Barrel. (Wyld, 2016).

figure 3. Finished Model. (Wyld,2016).

Inc, A. (2016). 3d Modelling & rendering software. Retrieved April 7, 2016, from














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