Week 3: Copyright and Contracts

Before beginning my studies in animation I have always had many questions about copyright, with only a vague idea of how it functions. My knowledge up until this weeks lecture and tutorial has extended only to the fact that copyright is protection of intellectual property.

Important points within the online lecture include how ownership works, and what rights are included with ownership of a copyright. As I understand it an owner of a copyright can reproduce the copyrighted work as they please. The owner of a copyright also determines the debut of the work for public consumption as well as general communication of the work in public such as promotion.

It is important to not that in general but not always the creator of the work becomes the first owner of the copyright. In Australia copyright is automatic and does not require application to be awarded. This is something I very much appreciate as an animation student.

Extending from the online lecture, tutorial this week has covered the legalities of copyright. The example which we had found within my assigned group was the case of an American rapper, Ghostface Killah sampling sound from a 1960s Marvel TV show within his own song titled “Iron Man”(Gardner, 2015). The sample used is relatively small, however this case clearly highlights the dangers of using any part of another persons intellectual property. While the court ruling favoured Ghostface Killah’s employer, Sony Music (SONY, 2016), it is a clear demonstration that the scope of copyright protection  is tedious to understand at best.

I find the subject of copyright to be quite complex, particularly when considering the issue of taking creative inspiration too far. This is something which is quite hard to narrow down as everyone who wishes to contribute to the creative works of the world must also take inspiration in some way from what already exists.

An interesting take on the subject is the Ted lecture which was viewed in this weeks tutorial. Titled “Embrace The Remix” (TED, 2012) the premise was simply the idea that everything created in this day and age is essentially a remix of what already exists, and that this when accepted can be liberating for the creative mind.

I quite enjoyed this short lecture as it has caused me to pay more attention to what the possible sources of inspiration could be in the creative works I  watch, listen to and see in the media. I now wonder whether i will change my perception of the extent to which an individual should pull inspiration from external sources.



Gardner, E. (2015, April 21). In Big ruling, Sony beats “iron man” composer’s lawsuit. Retrieved June 16, 2016, from http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/big-ruling-sony-beats-iron-790466

SONY. (2016). Sony music. Retrieved June 16, 2016, from https://www.sonymusic.com/

TED (2012, August 10). Creativity is a Remix | Kirby Ferguson | TED talks Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd-dqUuvLk4










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