Week 4: Secret Interview Techniques

This week has been all about interview techniques. The lecture covered the questions commonly asked by potential employers as well as some that are unique and require lateral thinking. Some of these at first seem absurd, such as what part of a car would you be? and why does a tennis ball have fuzz?

As explained however these questions are designed to test how a candidate thinks, and are popular at interviews for companies such as Pixar (SAE_CIU_OverviewofIndustry & Institute, 2015). As an animation student this is information i have definitely found interesting.


One thing I have taken away from the tutorial this week is related to these lateral thinking questions. It is important to remember that a job interview aims to give a potential employer the chance to understand what type of person a interviewee would be in the work place, whether they would be a fit for a particular company and what professional experiences the candidate has acquired.

Other factors  in an interview for a creative position is the way someone tackles problem solving, works in groups and generates their own creative practices.

These concepts brought up in the online lecture were fleshed out in a role playing activity during tutorial. various types of employee personas were assigned and groups would take turns in conducting interviews with self written questions. The aim of this role playing is to experience the way other factors than qualification can be important parts of a persons professional persona.

I myself was given a false persona which was to project honesty but unreliability and questionable personal life habits. I found this a daunting task but strangely satisfying. The reactions of the interviewers was also a surprise. My first thoughts after the interview were imaginings of negative reactions to the overly relaxed responses I had provided. Afterwards I was told that some of the reactions to my answers were positive. Honesty and a relaxed demeanor had interestingly positive reactions and it is something I will bear in mind in the future.

Upon reflection, I have had more of a rigid approach to past interviews than ii previously thought. Most of my energy has been poured into keeping composure and giving “correct”answers. With new information it suddenly becomes obvious that this is not the only component of an interview. After this weeks tutorial I can now also imagine certain thought processes that an interviewer must go through during an interview.

A balance between showing honest aspects of personality and maintaining a professional mindset is key to a successful interview.






SAE_CIU_OverviewofIndustry, & Institute, S. C. (2015, March 26). Week 4: Secret interview techniques — self-directed practitioners. Retrieved June 23, 2016, from https://medium.com/self-directed-practitioners/week-8-secret-interview-techniques-8cdd5b225eee#.axysnzbc2




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