Week 6: Social Media and Your Career

The topic for this week revolves around social media and professionalism, with the lecture delving into the realm of celebrity life within social media (SAE_CIU_OverviewofIndustry & Institute, 2015).


A few surprising and interesting ideas have come up within the lecture and the weeks tutorial. The first of these are the theories around how celebrity status is forged within the online community.  A video entitled “This is Phil Fish” introduces a former video game developer and his unfortunate rise from unknown indie creative to hated subculture figure (Innuendo Studios, 2014).


It was explained within the duration of the video that a celebrity online is often one which becomes a symbol for many things. It becomes obvious that the celebrity status of Phil Fish is largely due to what he has come to represents rather than the sum of his character.

This idea has led me to wonder further about appropriate conduct online. Negativity appears to be a relatively safe practice when someone is anonymous and unknown in forums and comment sections. In contrast negativity when well known can ruin a career very quickly.

Coming back to the unfortunate example of Phil Fish, it would seem that once a person has become infamous, the attention that this person receives grows at an alarming rate. To add to this, a picture is painted from  mistakes and negativity while anything that does not fit this negative profile is conveniently left out by media and anonymous members of the public.

It would seem that celebrities such as Phil Fish are simply created by the public to become the emotional outlet to relieve the most current disappointments of the collective online community.

The lesson I have taken from this has been to be cautious of what I choose to discuss and comment on in any social media context. Further more, I feel that developing a sense of diplomacy would improve professionalism when using social media. A valuable thing to remember on top of this is that honesty in an online persona helps greatly in developing a professional presence online, displaying work which is accompanied by a void where personality should be is indeed damaging.





Innuendo Studios (2014, June 16). This is Phil Fish Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmTUW-owa2w

SAE_CIU_OverviewofIndustry, & Institute, S. C. (2015, March 9). Week 6: Social media and your career — self-directed practitioners. Retrieved July 11, 2016, from https://medium.com/self-directed-practitioners/week-6-social-media-and-your-career-21ec52b2b003#.seyemmcyr









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