Studio One, Week One

During our first session of studio, we have been prompted to consider what creative roles we wish to play in industry. After some thought about which direction I would like to be heading creatively, I feel certain that my previous feelings which I have had before commencing my course have not changed. From the onset of my animation education I have been greatly interested in working as a character designer. Despite this, I have also started my creative education with the intention to keep my mind open to other possibilities.

During the span of the first two Trimesters, other areas within the animation discipline have peaked my interest. Specifically these are concept art and 3D model texturing.

Whilst I have enjoyed my early experiences working within the various stages of the production pipeline, I find the most appealing aspect of production to be pre-production concept and character creation. The process of sketching, sculpting and making conscious decisions about the aesthetics style, appearance and identity of fictional characters is something I find not only fascinating but quite natural. Outside of my assigned projects, I find most of my own creative ideas to relate to these conceptual and character design related areas.

I have noticed however within the few opportunities I have had to dabble in character design in my education that my designs are held back by a lack of the important communication skill,  drawing. Whilst I have improved greatly from Trimester 1 I am still far from my desired competency level. My estimation of skill level during trimester 1 would place in a beginner’s bracket and happily I find myself to be moving away from this category quickly. With this in mind I aim to not only become competent in my drawing skills by the end of my course, but develop my own aesthetic style which I am comfortable with and utilise to communicate my designs effectively.

Despite my growing interest in character design and concept I am still exploring the possibility of such roles as 3D texture artist. Within this first studio, in regard to the interactive environment project, I see this Trimester as an opportunity to delve deeper into not only my love for character and conceptual design but also an opportunity to explore the limitless variety of texturing styles and methods which exist for the video game industry.

After reading the interactive environment brief I am leaning towards Sci-fi as it falls under my favourite genre. I am currently at the start of the research stage, and I intend to study the aesthetic styles which I admire within such videogame Franchises as Bioshock (2K Games,2016), Borderlands (Gearbox,2016), Metroid (Nintendo, 2016), Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo, 2016) and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (Nintendo, 2016) as well as the upcoming Breath of The Wild (Nintendo, 2016). This is my starting point and I will be extracting what I can from these examples and adding it to what I can gain from my research stage.



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