Studio One, Week Two

Thursday, 22nd September

After this week’s first environment design group presentations we have received a chunk of useful advice. This included a prompt to consider the reasoning and justification when making decisions about our environment design. The biggest thing I have taken from the feedback is the necessity to develop a strong treatment and narrative as well as taking the effort to become informed with the necessary so that we can make better decisions after the production process and create a believable and consistent environment. It has become obvious that a finished product needs to have elements which are congruent with the subject matter which inspired it.

My first port of call has been to look into these sources which were suggested for reference:

  • Half-life (Valve, 2016) for environment map, security implementation and the concept that a player works their way from the depths of the facility and back towards the entrance.
  • Bio-shock (2k games, 2016) for its architectural design.
  • And adrift (505 games, 2016) for its overall environment atmosphere.


I am still in the process of looking into these videogame examples.


All these things considered I feel that the pre- production stage will need to be handled delicately. In my in-experience I think that the project could be over whelming if not planned well. In the days that have followed the presentation our group (which has been tentatively named the brown coats) has spent a lot of time trying to work out the crucial details we need quickly. This has meant the creation of all our documentation and a focus on working out the details of the narrative and the schematic layout of the space we will design.


This has involved treatment, story and lore development, mood boards, rough environment maps and sketches. We are aiming to complete the narrative and environment maps in the coming week. Due to our newness to our in-experience and will negotiate the time spent on concept development and model sheets to fine the balance between moving onto production as quickly as possible and not allowing a drop in quality.



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