Studio One, Week Four

After last week’s feedback and our new plan of action for the rest of the pre-production phase I have now been assigned the task of pushing forward with the EM, which we will then work further on within the group.

After more consideration it has been decided that the environment design will be broken down into three sections. This is part of our planning to maximise the result of the final product if the scope has to be reduced due to time restraint. The three sections we have decided upon are the Biosphere (To have priority), Lab space (to be next in line for priority) and Observation room (last for priority). These type of decisions made within our planning phase have helped create a strategy which reduces uncertainty. Our group leader has decided that planning will extend till the end of week 4.

Something which has been underlined during our studio time is that there is flexibility to the planning timeframe but it is crucial to consider that the more detail to planning the easier the work will be later in the pipeline. This can be a daunting idea at first, but there has been satisfaction in the group from the successes we have had in progressing and sculpting our own game plan.

In terms of the environment map progression, I have again looked into some videogame maps to inform our design. Examples which stand out are Portal 2 (Valve,2016) and Bioshock (2k Games, 2016) which both are capable of influencing the experience of the game story with its well-constructed spaces.

2k Games, 2016. Bioshock Game Map.
Valve, 2016. Portal 2 environment.

It has been useful to look over these videogame industry examples after further development of our art-bible and design intent. Believability and atmosphere are two aspects that seem to require much consideration and conscious thought.

I have used this research to assist in fixing the circulation and spatial problems in the Environment Map. It has greatly helped when I ask whether the space would make sense to a player moving around within the finished environment. The major change has come from the placement of the security checkpoint. This has dramatically altered the nature of the different spaces, and helped in determining the 3 sections we had decided.

After our allocation of the 3 individual spaces it has also become clear that much of our focus shall be on the Biosphere asset, and will be the main feature to the environment. While the grand scale has already been determined much of our planning has been deciding how to implement the object in terms of floor and ceiling heights etc.

Using the EM, the entirety of the environment will be blocked out in 3D, from here we can use the resultant model to determine the adjustments needed, especially in regards to the biosphere.

Wyld, 2016. Environmental Map Design


BioShock the collection on (2016). Retrieved September 29, 2016, from

Corporation, V. (2016). Valve. Retrieved October 17, 2016, from

Wyld, A. (2016). Exo (working title). Environmental Map Design.


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