Studio One, Week Five

This past week has seen the overhaul of our main asset, the biosphere. We have worked to develop and refine this asset and after much discussion and planning are happy with the design. Post Friday studio this asset has moved into the modelling phase. The overall concept of the biosphere remains the same despite  a reworking of the design.

The process of redesigning the biosphere to bring it into the production phase has proven quite tedious. Collaboration between the three group members has been quite smooth however the hypothetical functions of our biosphere within the context of our environment design has prompted changes to the access (via hatch), the placement of the bio-pod within as well the general design choices which indicate the functions of the object. Two elements have helped in the decision making process.

The first of these if the fleshing out of a style cheat sheet which helped in making choices that are congruent to our overall scheme. This is something which was complete prior to Friday studio and was available as an aesthetic reference. An example of its usefulness is in the process of assigning materials to the biosphere asset. With an established palette the decisions came quite naturally. As art style arbiter I have been given responsibility in ensuring that all aspects of the environment design are congruent to each other and communicate our desired art aesthetic. When asked by my group members for input on the matter I am glad for the process of deciding clear art style rules.

The second component which helped in the process was an understanding of the video game environments context through story and the purpose of the environment within the games narrative. This is something which we have spent much energy refining. The decision by our group leader to spend more time on such aspects of planning is something which has allowed such tasks as asset design easier.

Moving on from week 5 my next assigned tasks will be to model the bio-pod and biosphere hatch as well as begin to create our base material textures (predominantly concrete and metal).

Exo Art Style Guide
(Wyld,2016). Exo style guide.



Wyld,A (2016). Exo (Working title). Exo style guide.




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