Studio One, Week Six

After finishing the art style guide and environment map, I must turn my attention to my assigned model sheets. There is a change in my priorities. I would have liked to had more time to design my model sheets however as art style arbiter I have also been assigned the job of finalising the schematic design of  our environment through the environment map as well as the art style guide. These are both necessary components in the pre-production phase.

I have learnt that it is best to ensure that communications and resulting decisions made are factored into adjustments of written task management, for example gantt chart. It is easy for decisions and conversations to be left behind along the way if you are not in direct control of such documents.

These tasks have taken priority in my schedule. Unfortunately the art style guide has taken a large chunk of time,  in order to develop our intended aesthetic and style. I had been communicating with group lead and had been instructed to take this and the environment as priority. The environment had gone through many iterations as it was critiqued and refined during studio, with feedback being considered during the creation of the following version.

While there has been much back and forth between myself and team lead, with a change to my assigned priority tasks, this had not been factored when it came to the gantt chart.

Moving on from this, I am working to complete my model sheets as quickly as possible. It currently looks as though I may need to rely on concept sketches I have made if we are to move on to the production phase and model.

While doing my model sheets I also have a few assigned tasks. One of these small tasks is brainstorming names for the fictional corporation which features in our game idea. Some examples of names which do not exist as yet as companies are Lumos Corp, Oracle 5 Labs, Tritium X Corp. The one which I am leaning towards however is Xentium Laboratories. I have also searched for fonts which can be used in our project as public domain. It has been narrowed and I will be using a font called “Furore” (Dunham, 2016). With the name and font I have created a fictional logo. During my research phase I have noticed that game environments often have these small details to allow the space to feel tailor and believable rather than generic.

prp_Logo_Xentium Laboratories_AlexW_V02
(Wyld, 2016). Xenium Laboratories Fictional Logo.)





Dunham, E. (2009). Furore font free by Jovanny Lemonad. Retrieved November 23, 2016, from


Wyld,A (2016). Exo (Working title). Exo style guide.



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