Studio One, Week Eight

This week has seen a slow in our project progress because of a submission outside the studio unit as well as preparation for an upcoming studio presentation. The presentation is to be given to the games students as we are to collaborate. I am quite excited for this collaboration as there is the possibility of bringing our combined creation into VR.

Apart from preparing our presentation,  I have been tidying my assets, with help from group lead to get them green-lit. During studio sessions in the last couple of weeks we have had feedback regarding poly count. While modelling is not something I wish to specialise in and is something I still feel a slight disdain for, I wish to improve my skills. I have found it difficult to keep my model “clean” while modelling and reducing the number of polygons is quite tricky. It is hard to retrospectively augment a model which has issues.

As my knowledge grows it becomes easier to see where problems will arise down the road. however I feel I know just enough sometimes to know that I have not modelled something the most optimal method, without knowing exactly what the most optimal method would entail. My intention is to immerse myself in more modelling tutorials.

This week I have had the opportunity to discuss options for my learning pathway and how this can be tailored towards my goals in terms of my future role in the creative industries. Having the opportunity to create a video game environment has helped me to clarify what I would like my goals  to be. I have very much enjoyed the process so far, and the studio scenario has strengthened my liking towards a career in the video game industry.I have been given information this week about what would be involved in being a games artist.

From what I can gather a games artist is more useful when having multiple skills, whilst still specialising within their own skill set. At this point in time a combination of concept art, modelling and texturing seems like a skill set I would like to develop as far as possible. I know that out of the three skills I am far more interested in concept art and texturing , and this has not changed  since the beginning of our studio project.

I will keep these things in mind as the project continues.





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