Studio One, Week Nine

This week we present our projects to the game students. The purpose of the presentation is to share our progress and to familiarise the game students with our game assets. This group of students are mixed between a programming and design specialisation.  As I understand it, there will be a collaboration whereby our game environments will be used within the upcoming projects in the games studio unit. This collaboration will result in a collection of mini games to be (possibly) assembled into a VR package. This is, as I have previously mentioned very exciting as video games and specifically VR is something I would like to become involved in.

On reflection of our presentation, our group provided too much information on aspects of our project that would not be of help or interest to the games students, and it become obvious where our focus should have been. It has definitely been something we have learnt from as it was glaringly obvious where our presentation content could have been chosen more appropriately. Feedback from one of the games students also help, and we have been told that the main thing is to include as much content and info about the game assets themselves. What the assets look like, poly count, style choices and how they should function within a game.

While we had focused too much on pre-production, we had spent little time displaying our models, texturing and previz.

The presentation was daunting but I believe that the next time we would be able to have a more concise and relevant presentation at the ready, one which would be more useful in a professional setting.

After this presentation I have focused my time on my allocated texturing. This specifically includes architectural surface textures, decals, and  shared base textures, as well as my assigned assets. I will also ensure that there is a consistent aesthetic in the textures created by my group members.

Apart from tweaking the shared base textures, and creating a blood splatter decal, I have also been working on the first pass of the diffuse texture for the bio hatch. My original goal as texture arbiter was to aim for a style close to Goldeneye Source. I have questioned whether this is a recent enough example to use, and whether or not it is a suitable benchmark. As I feel unsure still I will seek feedback.

The process of texturing the hatch has involved using one of the base metal textures i have created and made seamless. The base textures are sized at 2048 x 2048 pixels. I have then placed a caution label onto the hatch. The aim for this texture has been to create a asset which looks like it belongs not only in a science lab but also in a larger facility which crosses several industries. The fictional Xentium Laboratories and the treatment continue to inform my decisions. The overall look should communicate a functional robustness. I have also had to consider where and how to include general wear, scratches and dirt. As it has been stressed many times in studio this should follow a logic, or the illusion of being believable will be broken. This logical wear and tear can be difficult to create and it is obvious that there will be iterations to come before I am satisfied.

(wyld,2016). Exo (working title). “Biohatch” model screenshot.
(wyld,2016). Exo (working title). “biolift”model screenshot.
(wyld,2016). Exo (working title). “curved table”model screenshot.
(wyld,2016). Exo (working title). “concrete pillar”model screenshot.
(wyld,2016). Exo (working title). “spot light fixture” model screenshot.
(wyld, 2016). Exo (working title). “strip light fixture”model screenshot.



Wyld,A (2016). Exo (working title). “Biohatch” model screenshot.

Wyld,A (2016). Exo (working title). “biolift”model screenshot.

Wyld,A (2016). Exo (working title). “curved table”model screenshot.

Wyld,A (2016). Exo (working title). “concrete pillar”model screenshot.

Wyld,A (2016). Exo (working title). “spot light fixture” model screenshot.

Wyld,A ( 2016). Exo (working title). “strip light fixture”model screenshot.



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