Studio One, Week Ten

At the end of week nine we had the opportunity to make use of the HTC Vive (HTC,2016) and try out some VR games. This has been my first VR experience, and it was far more entertaining than I had expected. Before trying VR I assumed that the infancy of the technology would create a feeling of gimmick. I had expected to enjoy the experience but did not expect the environments in games to be immersive and such a short amount of time, addictive. This VR experience has made me eager to see the collaboration between our studio and the games students in it’s completed form.

I have also thought more about my recent enquiries about the role of a game artist. The opportunity to take a look at VR firsthand has made me eager to further work in projects that would make use of VR. I have also spoken to one of the game students about the game students side to our collaborations. Their own games which will be combined with our game environment requires texturing, which I would like to contribute to. Sadly, I don’t think this is a possibility with our current schedule, but I shall be seeking out collaborations with game students in the future to develop my texturing skills for video-game production.

VR aside, glass textures have caused some problems in sketchfab (sketchfab,2016). When first starting to use sketchfab I have noticed that there are two system for texturing display settings. These are “classic”and “PBR”. I had looked into which would be better when seeing this for the first time. For most circumstances it is best to use PBR. This was confirmed with one of my group members who had also looked into it.

We do not have our environment with all its textures uploaded as yet but we have been testing various assets. The first thing I have uploaded is my biopod. In our group we had discussed whether the assets should be uploaded as a single or two objects with seperate textures. I have already tried one object with one corrusponding texture and it currently works.

Something I was surprised by is the difference in texture appearance between setchfab and 3dsmax. Specular levels dont seem to control very precisely. Using metalness and gloss levels in PBR settings, I  can achieve an approximate on what i would like, but the metal caps on the biopod asset have a laminated look which is disappointing. The scratch details i have added on the glass of the biopod are also very subtle on sketchfab in comparison to 3dsmax. As we have been warned, the appearance of textures in sketchfab is

We will nee


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