Studio Two: Entry 2 (TSM)

The TSM which has been conducted in week six has been a chance for reflection and feedback. This has been a great opportunity to gather information that assists in my understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses. The process involved a discussion with lecturers and a run through of my self evaluation. As I expect is the experience of most students, I found this TSM to be slightly anxiety inducing.

I would blame this on the awkwardness that comes with the subjective nature of self-evaluation. I was however pleased that for the most part I have been able to identify many of both my stronger and weaker suits.

In general during my studies within animation the weaknesses that require the most improvement have always been clear cut and easy to recognise. I have also realised after this most recent reflection that they have remained fairly consistent. Within my reflection for Studio 2 specifically, I feel that my application of most categories belong in the successful bandwidth. I do not believe however that any of these skills listed in the TSM form I have “mastered”. The skill that I have placed in the un-successful category, and needs the most improvement is self confidence.

For the most part my responses within the TSM form in approximation, aligned with verbal feedback in the meeting. Leading up to the meeting, as I have experienced in the past, the feeling of doubt as to the accuracy of my self reflections became a nagging sensation. Despite my anxieties the meeting was indeed useful in the way both confirmation and even contradiction of my  perceptions came to light.

Within the meeting it was discussed how my time management skills are successful, and I explained my TSM form response in regard to how I feel I could improve. Along with my own reflection, it was also commented that allocation or ratio of time for various tasks could be optimised. An example was explained to me of script writing during the pre-production phase. Much time labouring over versions of the script minimised time spent on other tasks and interrupted my production pipeline workflow. I will keep this in mind, and implement in future projects.

Other important points within the meeting involved discussing my problem solving skills and working well under pressure. The nature of what would constitute good problem solving skills was discussed. Sometimes it is more useful to find an alternate path to a goal then to try and overcome a roadblock which presents an ever-growing list of problems. This idea is one which I will remind myself when any future problems develop during a project. I have noticed that I have a tendency to attack a problem as though there is a single solution. I am aware that if I am to step back and re-assess my  options I could possibly find a plethora of strategies. Personally, this applies most of all to use of software. While struggling to force a program to do as I wish, I forget there may be another way to achieve my aim.

During the course of the weeks leading up to the TSM, it is fair to say that I had handled roadblocks to my progress. Despite this, changing my attitude and opening myself up to the idea of multiple solutions I understand will benefit my workflow greatly in the future.

On the subject of working well under pressure, on reflection I am decently satisfied, and the feedback I have received has been a boost to my morale. While I have not been entirely satisfied with my responses under pressure it has been pointed out that I have carried on with my project steadily and with an evolving plan. At this point in the TSM I have shared my internal thought process when working well under pressure, and I am confident after discussion that I will be able to further my abilities under pressure. After the TSM it is still clear that continuing to use and improve my project management strategies will support my improvement of this skill.

Overall, the process has confirmed many of my own reflections, this in itself has given me satisfaction in knowing my own analysis of my application of the listed skills, and my own plans for future projects are accurate enough to be useful. It is also a relief to have confirmation that my self reflection is not full of delusions. The specifics have also further illuminated the subject of improvement. Knowing that there were areas in my application and having feedback specifically on these areas has moved me closer to a clear plan for the future.


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