Studio Two: Entry 4

Delegation of time has become a weighty consideration in the last few weeks, as the end of my project timeline draws near. My main aim has been to arrive at the animation component of the pipeline as quickly as possible. With each troubleshooting session that arises I make a conscious effort to keep a calm thought process and continue.

Dramatic thoughts aside, I have only just reached the animation phase, and I am currently chipping away at the first few seconds of my animation. In preparation for my animation, myself, a classmate and my lecturer have spent a considerable chunk of time shooting reference footage. This has been my first enjoyable experience with creating animation references, of course there was still the un-enjoyable aspect of having my likeness recorded while I act out awkward movements.

Well, the important part of this experience has been the ability to now use the references to my advantage. it has been repeated countless time during my animation education so far that references are essential for good animation.

Previously I quite detested the idea of using animation references. This is not through doubt but because of imaginings about the tediousness of such a process. Shooting the reference, staring at the reference, translating the reference painstakingly from video to animation timeline. I am happy to say I have come around on this process. I also now find that it is is preferable experience to the guestimation method I have used in previous projects. While I have very little experience with animation, I can already tell that references will be a monumental part of future animation undertakings.

With the specific references I have shot, I am translating the footage to be used for my robot character Georgio. I have designed Georgio to be slightly stumpy and oddly proportioned.  This obviously will mean that his movements are not only mechanical but awkward. For the most part as he is bipedal and still moves the way a human would, translation into animation has been unhampered by his character design. I can certainly now appreciate the additional difficulty in animating characters of invented biology and movement mechanics. Surely the references for such creations would come from real-life sources and would then be adjusted with general bio-mechanical principles in mind, however any resultant animation is clearly a feat nonetheless.





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