Studio 3: Entry 01

Project Start


The first week of Trimester saw the beginnings of the necessary organisational and project initiation tasks. There has been the expected shuffling around during informal project pitch conversations, as people consider what project they would like to be working on for the duration of Studio 3. During this time I myself had considered a few factors. In considering what I would like to gain from Studio 3 I had come to the conclusion that collaborating with students I have not yet worked with, and pushing myself to work on an idea I would not be likely to consider in a solo project would be two priorities among other practical considerations.

Within the very first Studio session, my interest had been peaked by two projects, one involving a noir style crime solving video game. The other is an anime-esque fantasy genre short animation. At the end of my deliberating I have chosen the latter.

Myself and one other have been inducted into a founding group of 4 for this project. We have also been informed that students from Studio One will be added to our Studio 3 cohort. This has been something of a controversial topic as the details are explained to us and we begin to understand how they will be collaborating with us. As the students from Studio One will be working on production of the environments needed within the Studio 3 projects there has to be a lot of extra project management accommodations. On a positive notes, role allocations within our project (dubbed Project Celine) has been a breeze. A nice balance of specialties and interests between our team has allowed a clean division of assigned tasks. Predominantly I will be working on the design and creation of the environment.

This will be in tandem with the Studio One members and so I have been assigned the role of being a liaison of sorts. The role also requires coordination and decision making. This has been a tricky job as I am to translate the overall aesthetic, and creative intent of the project and instill these elements into the environment design. This must be also carried into the designs and asset creation that is to be produced by our Studio 1 team members.




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