Studio 3: Entry 03


The format of the TSM during week 7 departs slightly from the format of previous Studios. A focus was made during my meeting on the dynamic of the group and how the project managment has beenn handled. The change of structure I personally find helped in fascilitating the thoughts of all group members and determine our resolve for future team meetings.

Within my written response I have addressed the usual components of the transferrable skills list. I feel that in looking reflectively over my previous responses and the way i have changed and grown as a student professional, the elements I am most satisfied with in terms of mastery level, and conversely less satisfied with remain the same despite an overall improvement in all areas. A specific focus has been the the transferrable skills that relate to my role in a group and how i interact with team members. I feel that this has been a result of the intense re-planning and decision making that has been necessary during the early pre-production process of Project Celine.

The overall creative vision has changed and as it has been pointed out, as individuals our collective team members function in a very different way to the group dynamic we have in Studio 3. Translating this into a practical decoding which we can use moving forward, it is crucial for every person with Project Celine to recognise our differences and leave any previous mistakes the group has made, leave blame to one side and plan out our current attack through group meetings, taking meetings, general increase in communication and a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing scenario of task allocation. Task allocation specifically has been an aspect of project management which has seen many issues. These issues have been addressed in the form of a resolve for increased frequency of meetings and frequent check-ups on task progress through slack.

Returning to the TSM meeting, an important section of the conversation has been receiving the feedback that the capabilities of every team member is not an issue but rather collboration. The focus is on the coordiantion of effort rather than ability to complete our individual tasks.

In one way this has been taken as a compliment by the team as it would seem we have the potentional to achieve our project goals and in general support each other as creative professionals. As time has marched on after the TSM, the decisions that affect my task allocation within the environment production are ones I have disagreed with. As I have made my case in group meeting with the TSM feedback in mind, I have decided that the best course of action to be a team player will be to accomodate for the project management which we are going ahead with. Specifically the decision has been to continue production of Celine’s room.

My own estimates and course of action would be to leave this section of the environment design. Communication skills and acting as a team player as Transferrable skills I believe I have upskilled  through much practice. In putting the environment production decisions into practice I have continued to coordinate with one other team member who has been split between character and environment tasks.

Currently I am working on room layout, concepts for aspects of the room such as the arched windows and the interior architecture. I am coordinating with my environment team mate on creating this as a pre-viz model. Proportions and level of details for assets is being determined. In the near future I will be constructing a test asset for the environment, I am currently conducting research into this including texturing techniques and style as this asset will act as a master asset for reference when creating consistency throughout environment production.

ANC210_Pre-production_Asset Refs_Chair_WYLD_Alex
Test Asset_Model-sheet
Test Asset_Model and Uv



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